WP1 – Methodology Framework Development

Deliverable 1.3 - Guide to EIGR

This report describes the structure of the European Inventory of Groundwater Research (EIGR), the tool which allows the application of the Harmonised Terminology and Methodology.

Deliverable 1.6 - EIGR Final

This document provides a general presentation of the project EIGR DEMO VERSION “Beta” describing the process followed leading from the previous version to the present one with the changes in functionalities implemented for the 2016 trial test on behalf of the EFG National Experts for populating the EIGR.

EIGR - Users Manual

This technical guide is conceived as a user manual for all those whom would like to contribute and make use of the European Inventory of Groundwater Research (EIGR).

Deliverable 1.7

Selection to groundwater related aspects relevant for the implementation of the Groundwater Directive (GWD) and Water Directive (WFD).

WP2 – Data Collection & Processing

Deliverable 2.1 - Orientation Workshop

The deliverable summarises the background and the content of the Orientation workshop organised for national EFG representatives, as well as its conclusions and follow-up.

Deliverable 2.3 - Country Reports

This deliverable contains an overview of the more “qualitative” data concerning practical and scientific knowledge in a particular country providing more detailed information on sources, as well as gaps in collecting data for the EIGR.

Deliverable 2.4 - Datasheets

This document provides information on the EIGR metadata statistics focused on the General overview of the metadata, Research and Knowledge class 1-4 classification and HRC-SYS together with TRL & PRL overview.

WP3 – Research Gaps and Recommendations

WP4 – Communication and Dissemination

Deliverable 4.7 - End-user requirements

This document summarises the needs and requirements of potential project end-users. Task was carried out via an online Google Survey, results confirmed the interest on the activities previewed by KINDRA and provided useful information for a fruitful development of the project.