Horizontal aim: Making Groundwater Visible

Water is a key-topic in modern society: not only is it a pivotal human, biological and environmental requirement, it also represents the engine for several research topics which are interconnected, covering the water-food-energy-climate nexus, and it has even a fundamental impact on urban systems.

Groundwater, on the other hand, is the hidden component of the water cycle, difficult to assess, evaluate and communicate, even though it plays a fundamental role in our life by sustaining the health of our ecosystems, ourselves and our industrial and agricultural production.

KINDRA has aimed to help achieve a better understanding of the groundwater topic by adapting its technical content and results into outreach materials that help citizens to understand the relevance of groundwater in daily life. As part of this task, we have developed two Did you know? booklets.

The first edition is designed to edutain children ages of 5-7 (with help of an adult), while the second edition is focusing on the age group of 8-10. Both booklets are available for download in several European languages as follows: