European Inventory on Groundwater Research (EIGR)

The KINDRA European Inventory on Groundwater Research (EIGR) is a tool for inventorying information sources regarding Hydrogeological Research Knowledge and Information.

It follows the principles defined by the KINDRA project Harmonised Terminology and Methodology for classification and reporting hydrogeology related research in Europe (HRC-SYS). During 2016, National Experts identified by the European Federation of Geologists populated the EIGR with resources related and relevant to KINDRA. From the work carried out, additional tools were developed in order to properly exploit the information uploaded into the EIGR so as to support KINDRA in identifying TRENDS and/or GAPS in Groundwater Research.

Now the EIGR is available to all groundwater practitioners looking for information and wishing to share their research outcomes or knowledge.

Feel free to explore the database or to carry out a quick assessment! You may do these so by a simple click to the relevant buttom to the right.

If you wish to contribute to the EIGR by uploading new records, or if you wish to download records to perform advanced analyses, please complete the registration form and send it to . You will receive a password that gives you access.

To enable easy data entry we have created two tutorial videos guiding visitors through the inventory by following the major steps to be taken all while highlighting the most common mistakes to avoid. Certainly, you are welcome to provide any advice or suggestions that may contribute to the long-term exploitation of the Inventory (do not hesitate to contact us at ).