Work under KINDRA (besides project management and project communication & dissemination) was divided into the following three core work packages.

WP1 – Methodology framework development

This WP created a harmonised framework for reporting hydrogeology  (groundwater) research and innovation results (coming from programmes, projects, results, agendas, etc.) in Europe: HRC-SYS.  This classification is supported by a web-service repository of metadata- the European Inventory of Groundwater Research (EIGR).

WP2 – Data collection and processing

This WP facilitated the EU-wide assessment of existing practical and scientific knowledge on hydrogeology research and innovation in Europe. The assessment has been carried out with the help of the national member associations of EFG using the developed classification system/data sources identified in WP1.

WP3 – Research gaps and recommendations

This WP identified research gaps in hydrogeology research that have relevance for the implementation of the Water Framework Directives (WFD and GWD) including a sound understanding of groundwater-surface water interactions and climate change impact and adaptation.