KINDRA has achieved a major project milestone

KINDRA has achieved a major project milestone: a European-wide knowledge baseline on groundwater research (WP2) has been established.

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Upcoming: national Workshop in Spain!

The Spanish Association of Professional Geoscientists (Colegio Oficial de Geólogos de Madrid, Raquel Meller 7, Madrid) will host the next KINDRA national workshop at 19:00, 15  September 2016. The detailed programme and more information in Spanish is available here.


The next KINDRA national workshop will be held in Hungary

The next national event, in the series of workshops held by the participating EFG Linked Third Party members, will be organised this Thursday, 26 of August in Sarospatak, Hungary. The workshop will be part of the conference “A MAGYARHONI FÖLDTANI TÁRSULAT FÖLDTUDOMÁNYI VÁNDORGYŰLÉSE ÉS KIÁLLÍTÁSA, Természeti erőforrásaink az Észak-Magyarországi térségben”. More information in Hungarian.

Upcoming: national workshop in Serbia!

The next KINDRA national workshop will be organised next Tuesday, 28 of June by the Serbian Geological Society, Hydrogeology Division jointly with the Department of hydrogeology of the Faculty of Mining and Geology, University of Belgrade.

Next meeting with the Joint Panel of Experts

As part of the programme of the upcoming consortium meeting to be held in Copenhagen 21-23 of June, project partners will introduce and discuss latest results with the members of the Joint Panel of Experts (JPE).

The first KINDRA National Workshop will be organised in Greece next week!

The first KINDRA National Workshop will be organised as part of  14th International Conference of the Geological Society of Greece and the Association of Greek Geologist at Thessaloniki 26th of May from 18:00 – 20:30.

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First project results are available for download!

KINDRA’s recommendation for the harmonised terminology and methodology for groundwater research classification (HRC-SYS – D1.2) and the synopsis of the end-user survey (D4.7) are available for download under RESEARCH/RESULTS menu.

ICT 2015: 20 – 21 of October, Lisbon

The ICT 2015 event will comprise a number of parallel activities. KINDRA will be presented via a project poster by the project coordinator, Marco Petitta and by project partner Mercedes Garcia Padilla (REDIAM).

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