Collaboration between KINDRA & SUBSOL projects

An initiative has been taken to establish links between two Horizon2020 research and innovation programmes, the KINDRA and the SUBSOL project, in terms of linking the two platforms, in order to provide to both additional quality content with regard to groundwater research and management.

The SUBSOL Knowledge Environment (KE) is an online, flexible and adaptable platform (a Marketplace, a Knowledge Base and a Toolkit) that searches for or shares information about technical solutions for groundwater management in areas with brackish or saline aquifers. It includes information on what has already been applied and tested under different contexts and what were the main lessons learned, with the objective of protecting, enlarging and sustainably utilizing fresh groundwater resources in coastal areas.
Towards the purpose of linking and eventually upgrading both systems, a series of keywords among the two platforms has been defined in order to provide additional knowledge about solutions, applications, research and projects related to sustainable groundwater management.