Collaboration between KINDRA & SUBSOL projects

An initiative has been taken to establish links between two Horizon2020 research and innovation programmes, the KINDRA and the SUBSOL project, in terms of linking the two platforms, in order to provide to both additional quality content with regard to groundwater research and management. Read more

Watch our edutainment video on youtube!

We have prepared this video to provide some basic information about groundwater in Europe for school children ages of 11-14. You may use it at class to trigger discussion on the importance of groundwater in the drinking water water supply. You may also watch the video on YouTube. Lets bring the invisible in the spotlight for World Water Day and beyond!

KINDRA consortium meeting, Rome 1st – 2nd of March 2017

Project partners will meet next Wednesday & Thursday in Rome to follow-up on the tasks related to WP3 such as the identification of tools for the gap & trend analysis. The timeline and modalities related to the opening of the EIGR will also be discussed in detail. We will tweet and post on Facebook in real-time!