Summary of the Orientation Workshop

With the participation of experts from 20 European countries, representing EFG’s Linked Third Parties (National Associations), an orientation workshop was organised in Sevilla in February 2016. The aim of the workshop was to explain the project goals in great detail to the experts who will participate in data collection on groundwater research at a national level and populate the European Inventory for Groundwater Research (EIGR) throughout the year.

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National workshop in Greece

KINDRA is presented at the next General Assembly of EGU in Vienna

Project coordinator Marco Petitta will present KINDRA this Thursday, 16th of April, in Vienna during the afternoon session on “Groundwater resources in a changing environment” of the upcoming General Assembly of European Geosciences Union.

Presentation for download is available here.

KINDRA is presented at the next EASME meeting – Harnessing EU water research and innovation.

This Kick-off & Networking meeting is organised by the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. KINDRA will be presented together with another four recently launched H2020 One Stage Water 4a Projects. The aim of this event is to share knowledge and facilitate networking on projects regarding water research and innovation results for industry, agriculture, policy makers and citizens, to exploit possible synergies for clustering projects activities as well as to provide policy input from relevant EC services.

Kick-off and Networking EU Water R&I 26th February 2015 – Draft Agenda

Presentations for download is available here.