National workshop in Poland

  • Organiser/Venue/Number of participants

    Polish Association of Mineral Asset Valuators, Polish Geothermal Congress/38

  • Agenda
    • The Water Framework Directive – the role of the EU member states in achieving and maintaining good and the potential of water (B. Tomaszewska)
    • Projekt Ki Availability of information about groundwater in Poland compared to other European countries (B. Tomaszewska, M. Dendys) Numerical modeling as a tool for hydrogeological and geothermal research (M. Dendys)
    • Methodology of thermal water sampling – technical aspects (K. Korzec, Kmiecik, A. Mika, B. Tomaszewska, K. Wątor)
    • Preliminary results of tests on obtaining a concentrate based on selected mineralized water (B. Tomaszewska, Bodzek, W. Bujakowski, M. Tyszer)
    • Innovative research of the use of specific features of thermal waters Mszczonowa in the production of mineral water (B. Tomaszewska, Bujakowski, M. Tyszer)