Kindra’s Final Conference.

As the project reaches its end, Kindra Consortium proudly presents our Final Conference to take place in Brussels, Belgium, the 27th of February of 2018.

The chosen venue is the Académie Royale de Belgique, Rue Ducale 1, 1000 Bruxelles, salle Prigogine. The theme will be “MAKING GROUNDWATER VISIBLE/ACCESSIBLE/ESTEEMED”, the Consortium aims to showcase the results achieved by the project, such as the EIGR (European Inventory for Groundwater Research) publication, and its more than 2000 metadata entries, to be discussed with institutions, associations, stakeholders and decision-makers in our mission to identify a roadmap for developing policies, strategies, and management options at European level related to groundwater.

To be part of Kindra’s Final Conference and play a role in the future development of groundwater policies, click here or copy in your browser.

Take a look at the KINDRA Final Conference Programme.

Meet KINDRA partners in Dubrovnik or in Porto this week!

This week our project coordinator, Marco Petitta (Sapienza University Rome) and team member Mercedes Garcia (REDIAM) is in Dubrovnik participating at the 44th Assembly of IAH. You may meet them on Tuesday morning (26th of September) during a dedicated session on KINDRA or if you take part in the interactive EIGR training session on Thursday afternoon  (28th of September). All while, project partners Clint Garcia (REDIAM) and Peter van der Keur (GEUS) is in Porto at the EIP Water Conference 2017. It is high time you promoted your research in the European Inventory of Groundwater Research!

KINDRA participated at the World Water Week in Stockholm!

Consortium partners were alternately present at the joint booth hosted by FREEWAT & KINDRA during the World Water Week (29th – 31st of August) in Stockholm. Visitors who have signed up for more information will soon be sent a circular with more information on the two projects and ICT4Water cluster. You can meet us again in the end of September in Porto (EIP Water Conference 2017) or in Dubrovnik (44th Congress of IAH). Stay tuned!

3rd JPE Workshop held in La Palma 21 June

Last week project partners met the members of the Joint Panel of Experts in La Palma. Read more

National workshop in Portugal

National workshop in The Netherlands

National workshop in Slovenia

National workshop in Denmark

National workshop in Italy

National workshop in Croatia