Our Winter Newsletter is here!

This new edition brings the exciting news of the Final Conference and activities carried out by the consortium in the past few months.

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Kindra’s Final Conference.

As the project reaches its end, Kindra Consortium proudly presents our Final Conference to take place in Brussels, Belgium, the 27th of February of 2018.

The chosen venue is the Académie Royale de Belgique, Rue Ducale 1, 1000 Bruxelles, salle Prigogine. The theme will be “MAKING GROUNDWATER VISIBLE/ACCESSIBLE/ESTEEMED”, the Consortium aims to showcase the results achieved by the project, such as the EIGR (European Inventory for Groundwater Research) publication, and its more than 2000 metadata entries, to be discussed with institutions, associations, stakeholders and decision-makers in our mission to identify a roadmap for developing policies, strategies, and management options at European level related to groundwater.

To be part of Kindra’s Final Conference and play a role in the future development of groundwater policies, click here or copy https://eurogeologists.eu/kindra-final-conference/ in your browser.

Take a look at the KINDRA Final Conference Programme.

Our Summer Newsletter is out!

The edition summarises the activities carried out by the consortium in the past few months. Among others you may read about the following topics:

  • EIGR Tools for quick analysis;
  • How to become a editor;
  • KINDRA public outreach activities;
  • KINDRA’s future & Where to meet us;

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Happy Holidays!

3rd JPE Workshop held in La Palma 21 June

Last week project partners met the members of the Joint Panel of Experts in La Palma. Read more

KINDRA at FLOWPATH, Cagliari, Italy 2017

Project coordinator, Marco Petitta will present KINDRA’s unique classification and inventory at FLOWPATH National Meeting on Hydrogeology next week, 14-16 of June in Cagliari, Italy. The 3rd edition of this conference is organsied by  the Italian Chapter of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH) and will be hosted at the University of Cagliari.  According to the aim of the previous editions of FLOWPATH (Bologna, 2012 and Viterbo, 2014), the conference will be an opportunity for Italian hydrogeologists to exchange ideas and knowledge on different groundwater issues. More information: Flowpath2017

The Grand Opening of the EIGR

KINDRA has achived a major milestone

The European Inventory of Groundwater Research has become available to all hydrogeology practitioners looking for information and wishing to share their research outcomes or knowledge.

More information and access the EIGR: http://kindraproject.eu/eigr

Watch our edutainment video on youtube!

We have prepared this video to provide some basic information about groundwater in Europe for school children ages of 11-14. You may use it at class to trigger discussion on the importance of groundwater in the drinking water water supply. You may also watch the video on YouTube. Lets bring the invisible in the spotlight for World Water Day and beyond!

KINDRA consortium meeting, Rome 1st – 2nd of March 2017

Project partners will meet next Wednesday & Thursday in Rome to follow-up on the tasks related to WP3 such as the identification of tools for the gap & trend analysis. The timeline and modalities related to the opening of the EIGR will also be discussed in detail. We will tweet and post on Facebook in real-time!

KINDRA has achieved a major project milestone

KINDRA has achieved a major project milestone: a European-wide knowledge baseline on groundwater research (WP2) has been established.

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