About GEUS

The main fields of activities for the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, are geo-scientific studies, research, consultancy and geological mapping primarily covering Denmark and Greenland. GEUS is part of “Geocenter Denmark” under which GEUS collaborates closely with geoscience institutes at the University of Copenhagen and Aarhus University e.g. on national and international research projects involving common PhD students and Post Docs.

Role in KINDRA

GEUS participate in all work packages of KINDRA but the main task is to coordinate work package 3 “Research gaps and recommendations”, where the main activity is to identify research gaps in hydrogeology research that have relevance for the implementation of the Water Framework and Groundwater Directives (WFD and GWD) including a sound understanding of groundwater-surface water interactions and climate change impact and adaptation. This work package is organized in the three following tasks, which are all led by GEUS: 1) Hydrogeology research evaluation 2) Research gaps and 3) recommendations.

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Key project staff

Peter van der Keur, MSc., PhD (M) is senior researcher in hydrology. His main focus is on modelling aspects in the saturated and unsaturated zone of water and solute transport, soil-water-vegetation processes (SVAT) and more recently also in the field of water resources management, climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction as related to extreme climate events, and uncertainty aspects.

Email: pke_at_geus.dk

Klaus Hinsby, MSc. (M) is senior researcher in geology, physics and chemistry of the subsurface, especially in relation to water resources quantity and quality, and groundwater interaction with surface waters and ecosystems. His focus is on groundwater chemical status assessment for protection of associated aquatic and dependent terrestrial ecosystems, drinking water and other legitimate uses, and on the use of environmental tracers and groundwater dating (estimation of ages/residence times) as well as borehole geophysics for evaluation of groundwater flow and groundwater age/quality relations.

Email: khi_at_geus.dk

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