About the Centre

La Palma Research Centre for Future Studies is an independent, internationally active geoscience think-tank headquartered on Isla la Palma, Spain. Built on decades of experience the Centre’s social and scientific network extends to most European countries and has working contacts with professionals from around the globe.

Role in KINDRA

LPRC is a leader of WP4 – project dissemination and communication activities. This task, among others includes the following: constructing project images, developing and maintaining the project website, providing templates, guidelines for communication activities, creating press-releases and last but not least the use of classic public relation tools such as conferences and workshops to reach policy makers, regulators, technology investors,  R&D funding organisations etc. LPRC will also be participating in the research roadmapping exercise, and will host a major workshop, that will be attended by the project partners and members of the Joint Expert Panel. During its work LPRC will continuously support the implementation of the scientific work packages and will liaise with other WP leaders and the Coordinator in providing continuous dissemination of the results as they arise.

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Key project staff

Adrienn Cseko is geographer with an extensive background in Earth Sciences and international project management. She has been the project coordinator for the Volcanoes Night and currently active in CHPM2030 and INTRAW projects besides KINDRA. She is also the Managing Director of LPRC. Read more about Adrienn at LinkedIn. Contact her at adrienn.cseko_at_lapalmacentre.eu

Ariadna Ortega Rodríguez is a Canarian translator with a background in European laws and political sciences. She is passionate about literature and current affairs, as well as arts. Ariadna has lived in several countries throughout Europe and likes to learn and live other cultures and ways of life. At KINDRA she is leading social media & public outreach activties. Contact her: ariadna.ortega_at_lapalmacentre.eu

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