The Department of Earth Sciences of Sapienza University includes about 60 academic staff and 25 administrative and technical support staff. The research activity spans a wide range of earth science disciplines including environmental geosciences, structural geology and geodynamics, palaeontology and sedimentology, engineering and applied geology, mineralogy and petrography, geochemistry, geophysics and volcanology.

Role in KINDRA

SAPIENZA is a project coordinator and involved in the implementation of all WPs of the project as follows: in WP1 (Methodology framework development), coordinates the WP, SAPIENZA acts in the classification of groundwater R&D results and activities by keywords and in the inventory of information sources. In addition, SAPIENZA develops the work on classification and reporting groundwater researches WP2 (Data collection and processing), including coordination of the orientation workshop for national EFG representatives. In WP3 (Research gaps and recommendations) SAPIENZA has the role to participate and evaluate final results emerging from discussion and processing data.

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Key project staff

Marco Petitta, PhD, Associate Professor in Hydrogeology, is author of about 50 papers on international journals and more than 100 articles on national journals and proceedings. He is Chairman of the Italian Chapter of the IAH (International Association of Hydrogeology), Treasurer of the Italian Geological Society, Coordinator of the Panel of Experts in Hydrogeology of the EFG (European Federation of Geologists) and Member of the Working Group of Groundwater of the European Union, for the Common Implementation Strategy of Water Directives. He is the Coordinator of KINDRA H2020 Project.


Email: coordinator_at_kindraproject.eu
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